Firmly Planted

Bad blogger, bad blogger.  Back on Sunday I update you with a rustic, hand crafted, and virtually free garden trellis and never revealed to you the finished garden product.  For shame!  It must be all this invitation assembly that’s going on.  My brain appears to be fried…or out to lunch.  But anywho…lets get back to the garden along our driveway, shall we.

The garden project all started because I needed to make some space to plant more of the wedding flowers that have outgrown their starter pots.  And the space along our driveway, right beside the deck was the perfect spot.  And it annoyed Colby to mow that section so we killed two birds with one stone by turning it into a garden bed.  So we dug up the sod:

Which got moved to some low lying areas in the back yard and covered an old root in the front yard (little trick I learned from my momma bear).  Then we mixed in a little garden soil to soften up our town’s notorious clay dirt:

And laid out a few potted plants I picked up, some perennials, to anchor the garden.

I wanted to have a base row of plants that would come up year after year and then fill in the front areas with annuals.  I loved the daisies…absolutely loved them…and they went with the pink/white/yellow flower garden theme I was going with.  I also love the look of daisies against old, red bricks.  The plants are a little small right now, but I can’t wait for them to grow into their new home.  I love the look of a mature garden, and this infancy garden thing is kind of painful to me.  Maybe it’s my impatience?!  Nawwww….that can’t be it!

After the daisies and the roses were firmly planted, Colby and I started transplanting the wedding flower seedlings and then started to mulch (although we stopped short after running out of mulch material).

So here’s a little garden tour…first up the daisies:

Then I believe these are the baby’s breath flowers for our wedding, but I’m not 100% certain…and yes…they’re small and I’m minorly freaking out that we may not have flowers for our wedding after all.  But there’s a plan B…there’s always a plan B.

And these are the billy buttons…although they’re easily mistaken for grass.

The pink roses:

And the oh-so-light-pink climbing roses.

When you step back and look at the garden from afar it’s still looking a little sparse.

And it’s KILLING me!  Killing me softly like the Fugees song.  But just imagine the trellis covered with climbing roses, the daisies multiplying like fiends, and the double knockout pink roses flowering into a lovely bush.  Ahhh…I can see it now!  Grow flowers grow!  Grow, grow, grow, grow, grow!

Pssst…What kinds of flowers have you planted recently in your garden?  Any daisies or roses or billy buttons?!  Oh my!  Or anyone else extremely impatient with how slowly their gardens grow?


  1. Looks terrific!! Even the home grown plants are really doing terrific. Maybe cause I’m in the far north, but your garden is coming along just great. You really don’t want the flowers blooming too early, so having them a little slow to the start is a good thing. Love the rose bushes. Dad bought me a couple this year, but they aren’t as far along as yours. I’m planning a twig type trellis for the roses, but with curly ques and swirls. I liked the jute wrap for the joints. I wonder if you could also use the stuff you use for chairs seats?

    1. Awww! Thanks Mom! Fingers crossed they grow and flower in time. And can’t WAIT to see your trellis. You could totally use the caning stuff for chair seats. That’s a great idea!

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