Take A Peak At My Drawers

It’s not so much my drawers that you’re gonna get to take a peak at tonight as it’s more like my baskets.  Closet baskets to be more specific.  You thought I meant underwear, didn’t you?!  Silly fools!  Anyway, yesterday we left you hanging Cliff Hanger style and showed you our finished, trimmed up, stained up, painted up, doors installed, hum dinger of a kitchen closet.  And today…we’re gonna open up these doors….

And show you our coats.  Not so exciting anymore is it?  Just your typical, run of the mill kitchen coat closet complete with storage shelf and baskets.

I picked up the bamboo baskets from Target a few weeks ago for about $15 each, which was before my 5% Target Card discount.  Which, by the way, I make sure to pay off after every visit so I don’t accrue any interest charges.  It’s kind of like cheating the system.

Here’s the vertical-ized photo of the same section of the closet, showing off all our coats.  Or should I say “Vertical Limit” photo since we’re bringing out all the old climbing movie references today.

We don’t have all our coats in the closet right now, there are still a few super, heavy-duty winter ones to come out of the basement.  I usually rotate summery and wintery jackets, but now with the updated closet, there’s plenty of room for both.  And we also keep our dress up, suit jackets in the closet as well.  It’s a nice space these days to store a plethora of jacket-ie goodness.

Down below the coats is burlap bag number two (the larger burlap bag which we introduced back here lives in the living room and holds my monstrosity of an afghan).  The burlap bag holds all of my scarves, mittens and hats for the approaching winter season.  I used to store these in the basement along with our winter coats, during the summer months.  But now with the extra space, they can hang out in here all year round.

And since Colby works from home, we have to get creative with how we store his entire mobile office in our home.  Thus, why there’s a gray case behind the burlap bag.  That’s his projector, which actually comes in handy when one is tracing lobsters onto canvases to paint up some lobster silhouette art.

On the left side of the closet is where I’m storing my extra purses, a tote, picnic blanket, and a cherry covered apron for when I went to be all domestic goddess like while whipping up delicious baked goods for my hubby.  Although these days I tend to gravitate towards paint brushes over pastry brushes.  These items didn’t have a proper home before el-closito was finished so I just looped them around some hangers and hung them in the closet.  I’m not certain they’ll stay in here forever but it’s a good storage-for-now system.

And then below these items is the sad, little, all-by-his-lonesome picnic basket that we received as a wedding gift and adore.  He also didn’t have a home so he’s chilling out in the closet for now as well.

Now that we’ve covered the Southern hemisphere of the closet, let’s move North and take a peak at the basket contents, shall we?!

Clockwise from top left, those are grocery and shopping bags, ski gear including goggles, Colby’s baseball cap collection, and Colby’s winter hats and gloves.  I separated Colby’s winter apparel from mine since that’s one thing we definitely don’t share.  Although I think Colby would look mighty fine in my pink striped hat with a pom pom on top.  By separating our winter gear, it’s so much easier for each of us to find a matching set of gloves without having to paw through the other’s stuff as well.  And since Colby is taller, and doesn’t have a bulky scarf collection, he got the smaller basket on the upper shelf and I got the larger burlap bag on the floor.

So there you have it.  Over seven hundred words about our little closet contents.  And I’m sure this is just a jumping off point and once we really start using the closet and its contents, the organization system will morph into something that makes more sense for how we use it.  And since we’re oversharers who have actually revealed our underwear in past posts, you know we’ll keep you posted if anything changes along the way.

Pssst…Enough about us, what about you guys?  How do you store and organize your coats, hats, mittens and gloves?  Baskets?  Totes?  And do you keep all your stuff out year round or rotate your apparel as the season changes?

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