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Take Number 3,758 ACTION

As many of you may or may not have noticed, there’s a new sheriff blog header image in town.  I’ll pause for a moment while you spend a little time ooooh-ing and aww-ing over the awesomeness that is our new blog header image.  Pausing…..continuing to pause…pausing just a little bit more.  And if you want to see the header image taken to another level…check out the Angie’s Roost Facebook page (and while you’re over there, you might as well like our just-launched-it-page).  The word bubbles on the Facebook page are my favorite…maybe I’ll switch out the quotes content periodically.

Anywho…Colby and I had a blast putting together the new header image and even more fun shooting the pics used for the new headers.  And since I’m a big fan of over sharing, I thought I would share some of the outtakes with you.  Believe it or not, it only took about twelve takes to get “the one” which is so NOT in Colby and Angie fashion.  Usually it’s more like 3,758 takes like when we shot our Christmas card photo.  Enter outtake number one:

Blog Photo Outtake 1

Nailed it!  Well…almost.  Seriously, one take?!  I couldn’t believe that we could both look like normal human beings in just one take.  Usually it takes at least a dozen pics to warm up our over smiling, ear to ear grins.  A one and done photo shoot just didn’t seem like the right thing to do so we kept snapping away (using the camera’s automatic timer function) “freestyling it” to see if we could come up with something better.  This what Colby came up with…take two:

Blog Photo Outtake 2

I instantly loved where Colby was going with this.  Pointing the Paslode nailer at the camera was SO Vanilla Ice Project like:

Don’t lie, you know you love his show too.  It’s right up there with Rehab Addict, Sarah’s House and Design Star in my list of DIY/home decor shows that I can’t stop watching.  So after I raved about how Vanilla-Ice-like Colby was with his freestyle, and awkwardly talked about Vanilla Ice like a tween with a Bieber crush, we channeled our inner rapper-turned-contractor and really tried to ice it…take three:

Blog Photo Outtake 3

Except Colby smiled…so not Vanilla-Ice-like…take four:

Blog Photo Outtake 4

There we go…those are the awkward faces we were looking for!  Check out Colby’s eyes in this pic…take five:

Blog Photo Outtake 5

I think we need to work on our rapper attitude.  Anyone want to give me lessons in popping a good ‘tude?  Take six:

Blog Photo Outtake 6

Colby just looks scared and I don’t even know who I am.  Then, since Goose can’t stand to be away from us for more than three point eight seconds, he proceeded to start photo bombing us…take seven:

Blog Photo Outtake 7

So we thought Goose should get in on the action since he is a part of this ol’ blog too.  After all, he does stand guard and protect us from evil corn squirrels while we peacefully work on projects.  Goose is not impressed…take eight:

Blog Photo Outtake 8

But at least the dog rocks a better ‘tude than we do.  So we tried it again to get one decent pic with a squirmy dog without a single cookie available to coerce him to hold still…take nine:

Blog Photo Outtake 9

No luck…but we tried one last time for good measure…take ten:

Blog Photo Outtake 10

We were going for the holding paws look but instead got more of a “this is my junk” look from the dog.  Oh Goose…you’re such an exhibitionist.  At least it’s the dog and not Colby with the exhibitionist problem.  Especially since we live so close to a school!

Not bad, only ten takes to get a couple “winners” (I use the term loosely).  We decided on outtake number two as the official Angie’s Roost blog header image, but you’ll notice I snuck in a cropped up version of take number three in the sidebar.  And did you notice that we took the pics in the freshly painted guest room?!  It’s so nice in there these days even though we still need a floor, trim and a door.  But we’re getting to that.  We’ve got lots of DIY projects to share with you, including our Pinterest Challenge project.  Stay tuned!

Pssst…Speaking of the Pinterest Challenge, did you guys all get your projects done?  Mine’s done!  And I LOVE it!  I think it may be my favorite project yet!  And Colby can’t stop talking about it either so I know it’s good!  We’ll be revealing our project tomorrow so come back for all the dirty little details.


  1. Oh my gosh, I’m with Margot, the censored box as hilarious! I LOVE the new header and I for sure noticed it when you posted it, it all looks terrific. And don’t ask me why, but I love take 9, your smile/laugh is priceless. Can’t wait to see your Pinterest Challenge project. I didn’t do one..isn’t that the worst.

    1. I’m so glad you said that, cuz number nine was one of my faves too but I thought I was weird (er…weirder) for liking it! We’re totally laughing at the uncooperative dog! And seriously?! No project?! I expected better of you! Hahaha! You still have time…go whip something up! Stat!

  2. The new header is great. I like the photo you chose. Outtake #1 looked like you were having a stand-off with tools, (except for the nice smiles). I also like your Vanilla Ice photo in the Hi area. Great update to the blog!

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