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Rug Switcheroo

So some of you super observant, sneaky sneaky folk (but surprisingly not my mom), may have noticed the new addition to our living room back when we posted about our little fall art project.  Yes, there’s a rug in town!  And by in town, I really mean in the living room.  Our living room was desperately in need of a rug.  It was all bare floors and naked up in here!

Since we had an unused rug hanging out in the basement, Colby grabbed it and threw it down as a “just for now” kind of thing.  The 5′ x 7′ rug came from Target earlier this year, for a measly $67, and was meant for the parlor.  But sadly, we were rug buying novices at the time and got a rug that was too small (you can read about that here).  Shortly after purchasing the Target rug, we decided to go with a FLOR rug for the space (read about that here and here).  Needless to say, the poor rug has been stored in the basement ever since the old parlor rug switcheroo.  Until now, when she’s hanging out in the living room.

Of all of us, I think Goose is appreciating the new living room rug the most.  Note the plethora of Goose photo bombs in this post.  We had to keep kicking Goose off the rug as we tried to arrange the rug, and shimmy it into place under the couch.  He LOVES rugs.  Specifically to chew things (toys, bones) on rugs.  Here’s Goose in the beginning  stages of demolishing his rubber chicken on the barely laid down rug.

And the chicken demolishing continues….

And I believe this is where the chicken lost its head…literally…

But at least it makes for a happy Goose.

Goose isn’t the only one loving the rug in the living room.  Colby and I are both quite ecstatic about the rug sitch (that’s short for situation).  It adds some coziness that’s been missing from the room and our tootsies are enjoying the soft feel as we lounge around the couch.

I’m not 100% convinced that it’s the right size.  I’m wondering if it should be a smidge larger.  I’m curious what you guys all think.  But for a free rug it’s working out just fine.

Football watching just got a whole lot cozzier!

I think the rug is going to stick around for awhile.  At least until the time rolls around to refinish the floors in this room to match the floors in the hallway and the parlor.  On another note, I’m seriously considering painting the rug.

Yes, that’s right, paint the rug.  I’m thinking a fun patterned rug would add some serious pizazz to the otherwise solid color state of the living room.  It would be like Emerill in a kitchen…BAM!  Whatever happened to him by the way?  Is he still making infomercials?  That’s what he does, right?!  But can’t you see a fun, colorful pattern contrasting off the solid gray couch?!

And it’s not like I’m the first person to paint a rug, it’s been done before.  Enter exhibit #1 below.  That’s a yellow painted rug from the Honey & Fitz blog.  I love that rug and the tutorial that they include in their blog post about it is super easy to follow.  They purchased a cheap, white Ikea rug and painted on top of it with yellow paint using a wall stencil to guide them.  So easy!

Exhibit #2 isn’t a painted rug, it’s a rug I found via the Matters of Style blog that I LOVE!  I’m thinking it would be a cute pattern to paint on our living room rug since it plays off the Maine cottage, coastal vibe that seems to be happening right now in that room.  I may even be able to free-hand a simple coral pattern like that!

But back to the painting of the rug dilemma.  I’m not totally convinced that if we decide to keep the rug, that I’ll paint the rug.  I want to finish a few other projects in the room first, like a sofa table, coffee table, new wide striped curtains, refinished floor, and some wall art.  Once those projects are finished and in place in the room, there may be enough going on that painting the rug will be overkill.  It’s definitely a back burner type of project, but I’ll keep it in mind as the other projects start coming to fruition.  But as always, you know I’ll keep you posted on what we decide.

Pssst…By the way, I’m changing up the blogging schedule going on here at Angie’s Roost.  Instead of  a Sunday through Thursday evening daily schedule, we’re switching to an every other day schedule.  It was getting difficult to juggle projects with posts and life in general.  I’m going for more of a quality over quantity approach.  But if posts start piling up, I’ll probably throw in a couple extra posts and projects here and there.  So keep coming back for more!  I heart you dear readers and wouldn’t be here without you!


  1. A little bit of color in that rug would be awesome. I’ve never painted a rug, but I would be concerned with how it would feel underfoot, especially if you tend to go barefoot. Paint isn’t exactly “soft”. Thanks for blogging and sharing!

    1. You just hit my number one reservation on the head! And it’s not like you can go back to an unpainted rug after it’s painted! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Aw I will miss the daily updates but I can’t imagine how hectic it must be doing a blog, so do what ya gotta doo grrrl. My dog also loves chewing things on rugs, it helps it keep from sliding. He also leaves damn crumbs from his treats lol

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