• Baby
  • Introducing Rowan Marie


    Is this thing on?  Tap tap tap.  Hello?!  How are ya?!  I won’t go there…you know…to the Adele place.  But I will take a moment to introduce our sweet little family with our new addition, little miss Rowan Marie who made her entrance in February. To say that we are so in love with this […]

  • Resolutions
  • 2017 Word Of The Year: Soak It In

    Word Of The Year 2017 Soak It In Featured Image

    I’m just going to throw it out there, resolutions suck. We stick with them for what, two weeks if we’re lucky?!  But I’ve always been drawn to resolutions/goals/lengthy to-do lists/things that keep me on track, even though they never really kept me on track for the full year.  So way back in the day circa […]

  • Baby
  • Nursery Progress: Small Nursery Layout

    Layout for a small nursery featuring a West Elm glider and Ikea crib

    This has been an exciting week for us and nursery progress.  Like the bakery accidentally sent you home with doughnuts instead of the low fat, gluten free, dairy free baked good you ordered exciting.  Our progress excitement comes from the delivery of the last piece of our “big items” arriving AND four weeks earlier than originally […]

  • Baby
  • It’s A Girl

    Gray deer onesie and bows to announce baby girl

    Well, it’s official.  It’s a girl.  Baby Campbell, arriving in t-minus 3-ish months, is a girl.  I’m absolutely thrilled about this girl.  Granted, I would have been happy either way, boy or girl.  But I’m not gonna lie, there was a part of me that was itching to start hoarding bows, tulle skirts, and pink […]

  • Design Plans
  • Mourning The Death Of A Closet Plan

    Master walkin closet design plan with denim upholstered chair

    It’s been a little while since I’ve posted so let’s do a little recap of where we left things and what we’ve been up to this summer, shall we?!  Before we get into the closet plan.  Ever since we finished our guest bathroom renovation, we’ve kind of been laying low in the DIY department.  We […]

  • Master Bedroom
  • Girl Meets Glam Closet

    Vermont Country Home Before Blue Bonus Alcove

    If you know me in person, there’s one thing you know I am not, and that’s “glam”.  My wardrobe is constantly in a sorry state of disarray, my favorite “outfit” includes a tee sporting the phrase “country as a biscuit”, my idea of a good date night outfit typically includes either flip flops or rain […]

  • Shenanigans
  • Life, Lakes, and A Lack of Projects

    Painting An Old Vermont Farmhouse

    It’s about time I checked in.  It’s been awhile.  Like almost three weeks awhile and I’m having withdrawls from you guys and the blog.  Like I’m getting the shakes.  And it’s definitely not for lack of wanting to blog.  It’s just, when one blogs about their house projects and there’s a lack of projects going […]

  • Home Anniversary
  • One Year Into Our Farmhouse Renovation

    Renovation progress in the dining room with an american flag

    Last weekend among all our Memorial Day weekend festivities and family get togethers, I got to thinking about how last Memorial Day weekend was our first weekend with the new (to us) house.  It brought back the flood of good emotions from closing day, to the first box we moved in, to all the “I […]

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