The One Week Challenge

First Round Of Guest Bedroom Makeover

The last three weeks/weekends have been a whirlwind for us.  First there was Chicago for a work conference, then there was a weekend in Connecticut/New York for a baptism, and this past weekend we hosted our first overnight guests, in town for the annual family reunion.  I like to think it was successful…maybe…okay…maybe we’re a […]

Propagation Propaganda: Growing Grapevines From Cuttings

Grapevine Cuttings Watered And Waiting Rooting

Before we can really get into this post I need to come clean.  Set the record straight of sorts.  Truth time.  Here we go.  I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to propagating grapevines.  I’ve never even grown a grapevine nor have I ever propagated anything.  I am not a master gardener.  […]

Introducing The Campbell Compound

Unlocking The Door To Our New Country Home

Every morning on my way to work I listen to a country radio show called the Bobby Bones Show.  One of my favorite segments is their “Oh Happy Day” segment where they sing the praises of the good in their lives like a church choir.  Sometimes it’s a big thing (i.e. Lunchbox’s new marriage) and […]

Kitchen Renovation: Demo and Details

Kitchen Remodel Gutting

I started writing a post to recap our kitchen renovation before and after at our first house, but after adding 40-ish photos, none of which I felt like I could part with, and 2,000 plus words it needed to be broken up.  Kind of like that couple you love to hate in your favorite 90s […]

Building Laundry Room Shelving

Bright White And Rustic Wood Laundry Room

First, thank you all for the sweet comments about our latest news.  We’re oh so excited about our new adventure in Vermont and even closer to being home owners again (inspections went well and the appraisal is Monday).  Until those keys are in our hands, we’re finishing up a few project posts from our former […]

Our Come Back Song

Remodeled Rustic Kitchen

In the infamous words of Darius Rucker, this is our “bad, come back song”.  I know.  We’ve been MIA here on the good ol’ blog in the worst way and we’re sorry…kind of…but kind of not because we’ve been through alot!  In a good way.  So what have we been up to?  The reader’s digest […]

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