• Master Bedroom
  • Girl Meets Glam Closet

    Vermont Country Home Before Blue Bonus Alcove

    If you know me in person, there’s one thing you know I am not, and that’s “glam”.  My wardrobe is constantly in a sorry state of disarray, my favorite “outfit” includes a tee sporting the phrase “country as a biscuit”, my idea of a good date night outfit typically includes either flip flops or rain […]

  • Shenanigans
  • Life, Lakes, and A Lack of Projects

    Painting An Old Vermont Farmhouse

    It’s about time I checked in.  It’s been awhile.  Like almost three weeks awhile and I’m having withdrawls from you guys and the blog.  Like I’m getting the shakes.  And it’s definitely not for lack of wanting to blog.  It’s just, when one blogs about their house projects and there’s a lack of projects going […]

  • Furniture Building
  • How To Build A Rustic Kitchen Island Part 1: Framing and Drawers

    Screwing Together The Kitchen Island Framing

    First of all, major thanks to everyone who showed us the love on our newly completed kitchen island.  We’re absolutely in love with it and have even noticed a significant shift in the amount of cooking we do with such a large, open surface to work on.  We even keep the kitchen cleaner!  Who knew?!  […]

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