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Stop…Plumber Time

July 6, 2010
One of the frustrations of homeownership I’m quickly discovering is that when something breaks or doesn’t work…you get to fix…

Tree Time

July 2, 2010
Jen and Eric not only graced us with their presence, but also with a house warming gift…an apple tree.  The…

Introducing Goose

June 20, 2010
Actually, his name is Gustav Flounder Campovich (poor dog) but we’ll just call him Goose.  Colby and I drove down…

Girls With Crow Bars

June 19, 2010
While Jen and Eric were up visiting we had a few projects in mind to tackle, none of which included…

Man vs. Fire

June 17, 2010
“Men are here…we make fire…cook meat…then put out fire by peeing…no get invited back.”  (A Joey & Chandler quote from…

Bomb’s Away

June 16, 2010
This past weekend, Colby’s cousin Eric and his wife Jen came up offering us some free labor.  We’re not gonna…

Zen Amongst Chaos

May 27, 2010
This week we have officially begun the move in process.  I have to admit, I do love moving, mostly the…

Let There Be Yellow

May 27, 2010
As our bathroom renovation progresses and d-day looms (the move-in date) we found the need to paint the bathroom.  After…

Demo Time

May 23, 2010
Our first major house project is the bathroom.  Why?  It’s gross, we have a month to do it before we…

Virtual Tour Of Our New Pad…Pre Big Mess

May 18, 2010
Although we wanted to begin ripping out all things seventies (paneling, vinyl, more paneling, shag carpets, and even more paneling)…
Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

May 18, 2010
Welcome everybody to my blog starring me (Angie Bohovich) and occasionally my handyman, otherwise known as my boyfriend Colby.  I…
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Angie's Roost Campbell Family in front of home in 2021

Hi there! We're the Campbells. We traded in Maine city living for the country life in Vermont. You'll find us here fixing up a circa 1781 historic home, growing our own food, and filling this home with the memories and things that matter. Read more about us...

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